Wednesday, May 10, 2006 As we spoke of yesterday, the first slavery memorial day is an important part of the news.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006 As we spoke of yesterday, the first slavery memorial day is an important part of the news. This one is not free of criticism and polemics. One of these controversies concerning the request by 40 MPs in favor UMP to the repeal of a clause of the law Taubira. This provision stipulates that "school programs and in history and humanities research programs shall allow the slave trade and slavery the important place they deserve." Now recall the signatories, it is precisely this legislative intervention in the field of historians Jacques Chirac condemned by repealing section 4 of the Act on the returnees, which provided that the textbooks "in particular recognize the positive role "colonization. On this question of memory, Michel Wieworka is everywhere. In western France and Le Figaro. He just told them the same thing: are able to accept the questioning of historical discourse but be vigilant and do not accept everything in the name of "memoirs" The world tells us that the ministry has made public its draft Decree on the common core as advocated the High Council of education, the common core should be organized into seven skills. Five of them are the subject of current educational programs ,: mastery of the French language, practice a foreign language, basic math skills and the scientific and technological literacy, mastering techniques common information and communication and humanistic culture. The last two skills are lees social and civic competences and autonomy and student initiative on which the Minister has placed special emphasis. The text should be implemented in stages from autumn 2006-2007. The project arouses mixed reactions from the teachers’ unions. "Renunciation" to FSU for the SE-UNSA, "A faulty implementation could jeopardize the success of this approach, so ambitious it may be" Good Read … ———— ———————————- Liberation of 10/05/06 May 10: the story is not in one day this first day of commemoration of the abolition of slavery was only a starting point for the black community. Read more of the article A call to rewrite the law … and the story’s appeal on 5 May in Jacques Chirac by 40 deputies UMP favorable to the repeal of a clause of the Taubira law stipulating that " curricula shall allow the slave trade and slavery instead they deserve, "has provoked strong reactions. "Attempting historical revisionism" to the PS, "unnecessary provocation" for the UDF deputy Jean-Christophe Lagarde, opposition to the Minister of Overseas Baroin. Read more of the article Paris, the ceremony does not abolish the Concerned discrimination bill on immigration, some blacks resent the dual political discourse. Read more of the article "This is not a gift of the Republic" Elikia M’bokolo, historian doubt that France was ready to recognize the importance of trafficking in its history Read more of the article work on the story will be blocked by Turkey’s adoption of the law criminalizing denial of the Armenian genocide would be against-productive. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- – Le Figaro 10/05/06 France is trying to celebrate the abolition of slavery Various events are organized in Paris, Nantes and Bordeaux for 10 May, accepted as anniversary Read More Article when the national narrative is fragmented by the memory of slavery Wieviorka [Sociologist, director of studies at EHESS, author of anti-Semitic Temptation (Robert Laffont) and violence (Balland)] Like many other companies the world, ours is worked since the late 60s by pushing all sorts of particular identities that need to be recognized in the public space, and some – but not all – are formed from memorial claims. […] Among the actors involved in these issues, first examine the groups that raise. They have their ideologues, sometimes able to historical accuracy, but not necessarily. Memory, in fact, is not always it can be leaned on a mythical argument, possibly heavy hate and resentment that some past references related waves come lester, finally pervert history, or anyway the freeze rather than improve. Therefore, by contrast, it is appropriate, for example, to take seriously the action of Cran (Representative Council of Black Institutions in France), which brings together hundreds of associations and is surrounded by researchers, including of ‘professional historians […] Second important player. professional historians. Their current mobilization, including that historical truth is their responsibility, not that of political, is quite useful. But how is it that it was possible for governments or parliaments of dispossessing them of this responsibility? […] Read more of the article Forty UMP against an article in the "Taubira law" Parliamentarians protest against a text which mixes teaching of history. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 09/05/06 (a day late) judicial repression continued anti-CPE Cedric and Tristan Paris were sentenced to fifteen days in jail, suspended. The prosecutor had nevertheless acknowledged that the case was "thin". Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien on 10/05/06 (paying) the College de France is going to teach in the suburbs ANDRE MIQUEL does not tell the stories of others. The specialist of the Muslim world and Arabic literature was beautiful teach the world to the most learned flowerbeds, he never forgot his lecture at a college .. Read more of the article The School Principal Snuipp-FSU will not sign the Memorandum of understanding on the management of primary schools of the Ministry of Education. The text of the protocol to be signed today, was sent to the unions on 12 April. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —– the Cross of 10/05/06 There is no education without authority probably more difficult to exercise today, the authority of parents is the main lever of education Read more Article the new slaves Read More Article ———————————— ———— 20 minutes from 10/05/06 France commemorates the 1st time for the abolition of slavery the national commemoration for the first time in France, the abolition of slavery will be celebrated Wednesday by President Chirac at a ceremony in the Luxembourg gardens but not lead to any major popular event. Read more of the article The memory of slavery divides the memories Behind the tribute controversy. While France commemorates today, for the first time, but without major event, the abolition of slavery and the slave trade, minds ignite. Forty UMP opened prom discord Friday, asking in a letter to Jacques Chirac to repeal a section of the Taubira Act 2001 teaching of slavery. They want the curriculum no longer grant an "important place" in the history of the slave trade. In fact, they want to get a counterparty to the removal last December under public pressure, the article emphasized the positive role of French colonization. Today, all college classes and metropolitan high schools should still observe a moment of reflection in memory of the 250,000 men captured or bought in Africa, and operated in the sugar cane fields in the colonies. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Ouest France 10/05/06 memories of facing history by Michel Wieviorka (Sociologist, director of studies at the School for Advanced studies in the social sciences) long, history, such she was taught at school, took on the appearance of a national narrative. This one knew the horrors of the past. So, just check out old textbooks to see that colonization is anything but plain sailing: massacres, brutalities of all kinds, gunboat diplomacy, slave trade, eradication of particular cultures, nothing lack. But all this was presented, then, as the price to pay to bring the peoples dominated in progress, and provide access to civilization, that is to say the universal values ??embodied by the nation and the Republic . This is why small Occitan or small Britons, and all the students of the French colonial empire, learned that in the past, "our country was called Gaul and its inhabitants the Gauls." This story is now under attack. Everywhere, identities are affirmed, heavy memories that no longer accept the traditional national narrative. In some cases, the wounds of the past are recent, brought by survivors or witnesses. In others, the remains of the past is like a legacy that perpetuate oppression or exclusion: the descendants of victims of the slave trade, slavery and colonization are they not now subjected to racism and discrimination? Read more of the article Christiane Taubira, his blackness, his fight today in Paris, held the first national commemoration of the abolition of slavery. Christiane Taubira will be there. The president chose May 10 as the official date. This is the day the Senate passed its law that recognizes the slave trade and slavery as a crime against humanity. It can savor his victory. Read more of the homework for money
article "At 8, I understand Picasso" in books or on the Internet, amusing virtual museums put art within the reach of children. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— Le Monde 11/05/06 Slavery: commemorate and fight? The entire debate with Francoise Verges, a member of the Committee for the Memory of Slavery and author of "The chained memory: Think slavery today" (Albin Michel, 2006), Wednesday, May 10, 2006 Read more Article the common base of knowledge among school Scheduled by the orientation and program law for the future of schools of 23 April 2005, called Fillon law, the draft decree establishing "a common set of knowledge and skills "should be made public Wednesday 10 May, the Minister of education, Gilles de Robien. This text determines "that no one is supposed to ignore the end of compulsory schooling under threat of being marginalized or disabled." To finalize its contents, Gilles de Robien was based on the recommendations that were forwarded to it the High Education Council (Le Monde, March 31). Further consultations are planned but the draft decree should not be subject to change before publication in June. Read more of the article —————————————- Le Nouvel Observateur permanent 10/05/06 "Shedding light on dark pages of our history" by Leila Dixmier, collective President Duties Accompanied Memory of Joey Starr and Olivier Besancenot, the collective memory of Duties (DDM) went cover with a black veil the statue of Colbert to the national Assembly Tuesday, May 9 shortly before midnight. What message do you want to convey? Read more of the article ————— ——————————————– the daily Express 10 / 05/06 between remembrance and awareness on the occasion of the first day of commemoration of the abolition of slavery, the President invited the French to look past their "face", "without blushing "and" uncompromising "Read more of the article ————————————- ———————- A selection in dispatches of 10/05/06 Robien presents its common base of knowledge project The content of the common core of knowledge and skills to master the end of compulsory schooling, a key measure of the Fillon Law School, was detailed Wednesday with a new emphasis on " capacity "Application of knowledge, the" citizenship "and" leadership. " The Minister of Education Gilles de Robien presented its draft decree (two short articles and longer explanatory annexes) to be submitted for consultation and written definitively mid June to begin to implement in the coming year and be in place by 2008. Read more of the article defining the common core: a "will of denial" according to FSU the FSU, the main federation of Education, said Wednesday that the definition by Gilles de Robien the common core of knowledge that all students must master at the end of the third, translated "a renunciation of will." Read more of the article Stand "learning + utilities + and strong cultural demand" (SE-UNSA) The Teachers Union Unsa (SE-UNSA) said that the draft decree establishing a common knowledge base that every student must master at the end of the third, presented Wednesday by Gilles de Robien, "reconciles + utilities + learning and strong cultural demand". Read more of the article Campaign "No school no future" to help the school in the world The League of Education announced Wednesday in a statement the launch of its 2006 campaign "No no school future "designed to help children’s education worldwide. The campaign will last until May 22, with search on the highway Sunday, May 14 This is to raise funds for specific projects this year, sixty actions in five sub-Saharan African countries (Benin, Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger, Senegal), which concentrate 40% of the 110 million children worldwide who have no access to primary education. Read more of the article Teachers College of Bobigny on strike for over a week, a majority of teachers and supervisors College Republic in Bobigny (Seine-Saint-Denis) Wednesday continued their strike which began on May 2 to protest against the increase in assaults and request additional resources, have we learned from sources. Read more of the article closes Prison for two anti-CPE demonstrators threw cans Two anti-CPE demonstrators threw cans of CRS during a demonstration on 28 March in Nantes were sentenced Tuesday to a month imprisonment by the criminal court of Nantes, did on Wednesday a judicial source. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- for more VousNousIls the site (Section education dispatches AFP) AFP dispatches on lesite The site Yahoo News, heading home education The teacher The essential teaching coffee Posted by Watrelot on Wednesday, May 10, 2006

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